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Community Meals

Delivering hot meals to Stockport's community

Our Community Meals service delivers approximately 300 hot meals per day, 365 days a year to people’s homes throughout Stockport Borough.

Operating in a Stockport-based kitchen, Solutions SK’s Community Meals service delivers a freshly cooked, two-course hot meal to the residents .

Our Meals
Supplied by national food supplier, Apetito, all our meals are nutritionally balanced, cooked locally and delivered hot to your door. 

We offer an extensive range of meals, including classic favourites such as a roast beef dinner, fish and chips and cumberland sausage. Hot sweets are usually delivered but there is the option of a cold sweet such as trifle and cheesecake.

As well as offering a wide range of standard meals, we can cater for special dietary requirements. A variety of different dietary and cultural needs such as Diabetic, Low Carbohydrate, Low fat, Soft Diet, Super Soft, Gluten Free, Low sodium, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Asian Vegetarian and Afro Caribbean are available on request.
If you have very specific dietary requirements, for instance if you have to have dialysis, we can still provide an appropriate meal for you. We must have full information about what you are able to eat.

Our Service
We offer both a lunchtime and teatime service during week days. Lunches are delivered between 11am-2pm and teas are delivered between 3.30pm- 7pm. A lunchtime service is available at weekends from 11am-2pm.
If you normally receive meals at weekends, we will also provide you with a meal on Bank Holidays.

When we deliver our customer’s meal our friendly staff plates up their meal, makes them a cold drink, makes sure their home is secure and checks their general wellbeing. If a customer seems unwell we report this to the office who will contact their next of kin or carer.

Please call us for further information on 0161 474 3756


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